About Debacle Quartet

Who are we?

George...Caitlin...Tanya...Glenda...we are Debacle quartet! A dynamic and fun vocal ensemble, we love singing together, competing and getting out and performing. And drinking lots of tea and laughing. We're good at those things.

Debacle Quartet formed at the end of 2016 after lead Caitlin Launt moved to Canberra from Perth. George, Tanya and Glenda had sung together in a previous quartet 'Synchronicity' and were pleased to have the opportunity to sing together again.


No one was more surprised than we were when they came second at the Australian women's barbershop championships the following May! Later that year, Debacle represented Australia at the international women's barbershop championships in Las Vegas after the first place quartet Hi-Jinx were unable to attend. 

Success continued with the quartet winning the Australian championships in 2018, and placing second again in 2019 with a record score. They represented Australia in St Louis in 2018 and in New Orleans in 2019.

What's in a name?

We're often asked how we came up with our rather unusual name. We had a long list of contenders, but we really wanted something fun and memorable. We're serious about our music, but we don't take ourselves too seriously, and "Debacle" kind of fit the bill. It's been rather useful. If things go wrong, well, the name should have given it away. When things go right, we can have fun with the irony of the name (since we, unlike Alanis Morrisette, know what 'ironic' means).

  • Tanya Kavanagh - Bari
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  • Caitlin Launt - Lead
  • Glenda Lloyd - Bass
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    Glenda first discovered barbershop in 1990, and has been addicted ever since! She started Brindabella Chorus in 1991 and became the musical director in 1992. Glenda has sung in several quartets before starting Debacle, including RealTime, Synchronicity, Accolade and Tonal Obsession. 

    Glenda has been a member of the Australian Regional Education Faculty since 1999, and was appointed to Interational Faculty in 2020. She travels around Australia and the world delivering education and coaching ensembles in the barbershop craft. Glenda is a songwriter and an accomplished arranger.

    Glenda has been selected as the recipient of the 2020 Ann Gooch Award, which is presented each year to one outstanding educator outside of North America who is considered to have contributed significantly to the furtherance of barbershop in the worldwide arena.

    In her 'other life', Glenda works part time as an IT Manager for a federal government department. She has four adult children, two adorable grandchildren and too many cats. 
  • George Spencer - Tenor
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